What is Meta’s LLaMA 3? 



The world of technology is witnessing a paradigm shift with the introduction of Meta’s new AI assistant built with Llama 3. This innovative AI assistant is a game-changer in the realm of virtual assistance and is all set to revolutionize how we interact with technology. Meta’s new AI assistant built with Llama 3, henceforth referred to as Meta AI, is the result of creative innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning. With the global implementation of this cutting-edge technology, Meta AI is geared to provide unparalleled help across a variety of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Features of Meta’s AI Assistant With Llama 3

A Superlative Assistant

Thanks to the integration of Llama 3, Meta AI promises the ultimate assistant experience. Be it planning a dinner, studying for an exam, or just figuring out your weekend plans, Meta AI has got you covered. Get ready for a smarter, faster, and more efficient assistant that will redefine your interaction with technology.

Seamless Integration

Meta AI is designed to integrate seamlessly across Meta’s apps, facilitating real-time information access without having to switch between apps. Whether you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed or chatting on Messenger, Meta AI is always at your service.

Faster Image Generation

One of the standout features of Meta AI is its ability to generate images quickly. As you type, Meta AI brings your vision to life, offering you a creative canvas to design album artwork, decor inspiration, or even custom animated GIFs.

The Global Rollout

In a bid to expand its reach, Meta is rolling out the new AI assistant built with Llama 3 in more than a dozen countries outside the US, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Malawi, Singapore, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, and Pakistan 

Making the Most of Meta AI

Meta AI is designed to be your go-to assistant for a wide array of tasks. Be it recommending a restaurant, organizing a weekend getaway, or even helping with your studies, Meta AI is equipped to handle it all. It can even generate inspirational photos for your furniture shopping.

A Seamless Search Integration

Additionally, Meta AI can be found in Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook searches. This allows users to access real-time information from across the web without having to switch between apps. For instance, you can ask Meta AI to find flights and figure out the least crowded weekends for a ski trip – all within your Messenger group chat.

Meta AI in Your Feed

With Meta AI, you can get more info right from any post that catches your interest. For instance, if you come across a photo of the northern lights in Iceland, you can ask Meta AI to tell you the best time of year to see them.

Unleashing Creativity with Meta AI’s Imagine Feature

The Imagine feature of Meta AI promises a creative experience like no other. As you type, an image starts to form, changing with every few letters typed. The generated images are sharper and of higher quality, offering a creative canvas for users to design anything from album artwork to wedding signage.

Meta AI: A Game Changer

With the power of the large language model Llama 3, Meta AI is a game-changer in the field of artificial intelligence. As Meta prepares to share its next-generation assistant with more people, we can expect it to enhance people’s lives in unprecedented ways.

Future Prospects

These upgrades are exclusive to Meta AI on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and the web; however, Meta AI is also accessible on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the United States. and is coming to Meta Quest.


The new AI assistant built with Llama 3 from Meta spells a new era in the world of artificial intelligence. With its wide array of features and seamless integration across platforms, Meta AI is all set to redefine how we interact with technology.

What is Meta’s new AI assistant built with Llama 3?

Meta’s new AI assistant, built with Llama 3, is a cutting-edge virtual assistant that incorporates innovative advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In which countries is Meta rolling out its new AI assistant?

Meta is launching its new AI helper, which was developed with Llama 3, in over a dozen non-US nations, such as Ghana, Jamaica, Australia, and Canada.

How can Meta AI be utilized?

Meta AI can assist users in a wide array of tasks, including recommending restaurants, organizing getaways, and even generating inspiration photos for furniture shopping.

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