Best AI Tools for Unit Testing: A Look at Top 14 AI Tools

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing


In the world of software development, testing is a crucial phase that ensures the reliability and performance of the software. One such testing methodology is unit testing, where individual units of the software are tested in isolation. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has offered a promising solution to streamline this process through AI Automated Unit Testing. This article explores the top 15 AI-powered tools that are revolutionizing the landscape of automated unit testing.

Understanding Unit Testing

Before diving into the details of AI Automated Unit Testing, it’s crucial to understand what unit testing entails. A ‘unit’ in software refers to the smallest testable part of an application that performs a specific function. Unit testing, thus, is the process of validating each of these units’ functionality in isolation to ensure they work as expected. This practice is vital for early bug detection, code quality improvement, faster debugging, and ultimately, the overall quality assurance of the software application.

The Rise of AI in Unit Testing

Conventionally, developers manually write unit tests, which is a time-consuming and error-prone task, especially for complex codebases. This is where AI steps in. AI Automated Unit Testing involves the use of AI algorithms to generate unit tests automatically, thereby saving developers time and reducing the chances of errors in the test scripts. As a result, developers can focus on higher-order tasks, making the development process more efficient.

A Glance at Unit Testing Examples

One prominent example in the domain of AI Automated Unit Testing is Diffblue Cover, an AI-powered platform that writes unit tests for Java code. It uses reinforcement learning to analyze the codebase and produce human-readable and executable tests covering a wide range of scenarios.

An open-source framework, EvoSuite, also employs genetic algorithms to generate test suites for Java programs. However, the generated tests may not be as readable as those produced by Diffblue.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing

Let’s explore the top tools that are making strides in the realm of AI Automated Unit Testing.

1. DiffBlue Cover

DiffBlue Cover is an AI-powered unit test generation tool for Java codebases. It leverages reinforcement learning to generate and optimize tests, achieving high code coverage and maintaining tests over time.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing DiffBlue Cover
DiffBlue Cover

DiffBlue Cover Pricing

  • Community Edition: Free for individual developers, generates AI-written unit tests for Java applications, available as an IntelliJ Plugin, allows writing tests for individual classes or methods, and offers community forum support.
  • Teams Edition: Suited for small projects, priced at $30,000, includes features of Community Edition plus CI pipeline plug-in, enables writing tests for entire projects, offers service desk support, provides Diffblue Cover CLI, offers Cover Reports for advanced test analytics, allows online license check, includes Diffblue contract, with a trial limited to 2,000 tests per year.
  • Enterprise Edition: Includes features of Teams Edition, adds Cover Optimize to reduce build time & cost by 50%, Cover Refactor for automatically making code testable, offers a dedicated account team, provides enterprise support, includes an on-premises license server, offers enterprise contracting for custom terms, and provides full indemnification.

2. GitHub Copilot

Powered by AI models from GitHub, OpenAI, and Microsoft, GitHub Copilot suggests real-time code and entire functions. It’s integrated natively into and is also accessible via a command line interface.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing GitHub Copilot
GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot Pricing

Github Copilot provides three different plans to suit your needs:  

Copilot Individual: This plan is perfect for individual developers, freelancers, students, and educators who want to code more efficiently and enjoyably. It’s priced at $10 USD per month or $100 USD per year.

Copilot Business: Designed for organizations aiming to enhance engineering speed, code quality, and developer satisfaction. This plan costs $19 USD per user per month.

Copilot Enterprise: Tailored for companies seeking to personalize GitHub Copilot for their organization and integrate AI into their developer workflow. It’s available for $39 USD per user per month.

3. Tabnine

Tabnine is an AI coding assistant that supports over 80 languages and frameworks. It offers code generation, explanation, and fixes, plus automatic generation of tests and documentation.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Tabnine

Tabnine Pricing:

  • Pro: This plan is ideal for individuals and small teams, providing an AI coding assistant tailored to your unique workflow. It’s priced at $12 per user per month, and you can enjoy a free trial for the first 90 days.
  • Enterprise: Designed for businesses, the Enterprise plan provides an AI-powered development platform that prioritizes privacy, security, and customization for your company. It costs $39 per user per month with a commitment of one year.

4. CodiumAI Codiumate

CodiumAI Codiumate is an AI coding assistant that provides interactive high-quality code generation, testing, and reviewing. It generates a task plan and spec, suggests task-aware code completions, and pulls relevant context from the opened project.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Codium AI Codiumate
Codium AI

Codium AI Pricing:

  • Developer: Enjoy code integrity for free with limited features. There’s no cost for this plan, and it’s available on a per-user per month basis.
  • Teams: Designed for collaboration, this plan is priced at $19 per user per month. Alternatively, you can opt for the yearly plan at $15 per user per month. A 14-day free trial period is available in both plans.
  • Enterprise: For a custom package tailored to your organization’s needs, please reach out to Codium support.

5. Google Cloud’s Duet

Google Cloud’s Duet offers AI-powered code completion and generation. It provides a chat interface for coding questions and guidance on cloud best practices, scans AI-generated code for vulnerabilities, and cites sources to comply with license requirements.

Cloud’s Duet Pricing:

 You can try Duet AI for Developers for free until May 11, 2024. This offer is limited to one user per billing account.

6. Amazon Q 

Amazon Q Codewhisperer is an AI-powered coding companion that proposes code snippets to full functions across 15 programming languages. It scans for security vulnerabilities and suggests code remediation.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Amazon Q
Amazon Q

Amazon Q Pricing

Amazon Q is currently in preview mode and will offer two straightforward pricing plans: Business and Builder. During the preview phase, many features of Amazon Q are available at no cost. Details on preview pricing can be found below.

  • Amazon Q Business
    • Price: $20 per user for a month 
    • Description: This plan grants access to Amazon Q Business, enabling users to address problems, generate content, uncover insights in data, and make decisions based on their company’s data, information, and systems.
  • Amazon Q Developer
    • Price: $25 per user per month
    • Description: This plan provides access to both Amazon Q Business and Amazon Q Developer. It empowers developers and IT professionals to revolutionize the way they build, optimize, and manage applications.

7. Symflower

Symflower creates automated Java unit tests by integrating symbolic execution, static analysis, and natural language processing. It integrates with Java IDEs and CI/CD pipelines.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Symflower

Symflower Pricing Plans:

  • Community:
    • Suitable for 5 users
    • Monthly fee: Free per user
    • Yearly fee: Free per user
  • Team:
    • For more than 5 users
    • Monthly fee: €10 per user
    • Yearly fee: €100 per user

8. Testim

Testim is an AI-based test automation platform that supports web, mobile, and API testing. It uses machine learning to create and maintain tests and offers visual test editing and debugging tools.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing: Testim

Testim Pricing

Testim offers a Free Plan for anyone who signs up for a Testim trial. Once the trial period ends, users will automatically switch to the Community free plan. However, please note that the features of the Community plan may change over time, and each organization is limited to only one Community plan.

Additionally, Testim provides two plans tailored to meet your specific testing requirements: Testim Mobile and Testim Web. These plans cater to your mobile and web testing needs respectively.

9. Squaretest

Squaretest is an IntelliJ IDEA plugin that creates unit tests for Java classes. It allows developers to customize output by creating custom Apache Velocity templates.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Squaretest

Squaretest Pricing

Squaretest offers two types of plans: Individual License and Business License.

The Individual License is priced at $35.

The Business License costs $55 per seat.

Both licenses are permanent, meaning they will never expire.

Additionally, you can try Squaretest for free for 30 days with a free trial

10. Bito

Bito is an AI-powered code review and quality assurance tool that identifies potential bugs, security issues, and performance bottlenecks. It supports a variety of programming languages and frameworks.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Bito

Bito Pricing

Bito offers two pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: This plan comes with some limited functionalities, such as only allowing 20 AI requests per day. The AI model used is GPT 3.5 instead of GPT 4. It’s ideal for students who want to explore AI capabilities.
  • 10X Developer Plan: Priced at $15 per user per month, this plan is designed for serious developers and development teams. It provides enhanced features and capabilities to accelerate development workflows.

11. is an AI programming assistant for code generation, optimization, and mentoring. It uses AI to review pull requests, create/update docs, and generate unit tests where applicable.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Seniordev AI
Seniordev AI Pricing

Seniordev offers two pricing plans:

  • Free Trial: You can enjoy a free trial as long as it’s available. This trial allows you to experience the product without any cost.
  • Premium Plan: For $15 per user, the premium plan grants access to the full potential of the product. It includes all features and functionalities for users who require advanced capabilities.

12. Testsigma AI

Testsigmais an AI-powered, codeless test automation tool for both web and mobile. It supports codeless test creation using natural language processing and offers real-time test results and analytics.

Best AI Tools for Unit Testing Testsigma AI
Testsigma AI

Testsigma Pricing

  • Free Trial Plan: You can start with a free trial to explore Testsigma. After the trial period, you have the option to upgrade to either the Pro or Enterprise Plan.
  • Pro and Enterprise Plans: Pricing for these plans is available upon request, allowing you to choose the plan that best suits your needs.

13. Functionize

Functionize is an intelligent test automation tool that employs machine learning. It supports cross-browser and cross-device testing and provides a visual interface for creating and managing tests.

Functionize AI
Functionize AI

Functionize Pricing

  • Free Trial: You can start with a free trial to experience Functionize’s features.
  • Premier Version: You have the flexibility to configure your plan according to your specific requirements.

14 Mabl

Mabl is an AI-powered, code-free test automation tool for web apps. It offers functional and non-functional testing scalability across various platforms and delivers faster test creation and maintenance reduction.

Mabl AI
Mabl AI

Malb Pricing

  • Free Trial: You can sign up for a free trial to try out Malb’s features.
  • Premier Version: To access the premier version and its features, you need to request a quote for pricing.


AI Automated Unit Testing is transforming the software development landscape, making the process more efficient and error-free. As AI-assisted development continues to evolve, we can anticipate more advanced automated unit testing tools that will seamlessly integrate with development workflows, making automated testing an integral part of developers’ daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is unit testing in software development?

Unit testing involves validating individual units of software to ensure they function correctly in isolation, aiding in bug detection, code quality enhancement, and overall software quality assurance.

How does AI Automated Unit Testing streamline the testing process?

AI Automated Unit Testing uses AI algorithms to automatically generate unit tests, saving time and reducing errors in test scripts, allowing developers to focus on higher-order tasks and making the development process more efficient.

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