Introducing Harver CHAT™: Revolutionizing the Hiring Process with Conversational AI

Harver CHAT™ revolutionizes the hiring process by leveraging conversational AI and natural language processing to automate and streamline the application experience for candidates. By replacing traditional application forms, CHAT™ collects candidate details through dynamic conversations, saving time and increasing engagement.

Harver CHAT™ Revolutionizing the Hiring Process with Conversational AI


In today’s competitive job market, organizations face the challenge of attracting and hiring top talent while providing a seamless and engaging candidate experience. To address these needs, Boston-based hiring solution Harver has launched its latest innovation, Harver CHAT™ – a Conversational Hiring AI Tool designed to streamline the candidate experience and enhance the employer brand.

The Need for a Streamlined Hiring Process

In today’s scenario, where there’s a shortage of workers across generations, economic uncertainty, and limited HR budgets, the competition to find the right candidates has intensified significantly.. Candidates, on the other hand, have higher expectations for the recruitment process. In this landscape, organizations must deliver a hiring experience that is efficient, engaging, and aligned with their employer brand.

Automating and Streamlining the Application Process

Harver CHAT™ automate the application process for employers by using conversational AI And natural language. Companies Can Easily embed this tool as a widget on their website or used it as a standalone experience with employer branding. Harver CHAT™ allows Candidates to ask questions and gain a better knowledge of the company and the job profile.

Collecting Candidate Details with Dynamic Conversations

For hiring a candidate we fill out an application Form. While Using Harver CHAT™ there is no need to fill out an application form Harver CHAT™ will replace traditional application forms instead of it collects the necessary candidate details through dynamic conversations. As candidates interact with the AI tool, it logs their information within the appropriate applicant tracking software and guides them to the next step in the hiring process.

Real-Time Candidate Engagement and Customizable Knowledge

Harver CHAT™ not only collect the applicant data but also responds to candidate questions in real-time, employers can train it to avoid sensitive or unrelated topics. Candidates can ask about company culture, benefits, pay, or any other employer-related topic.

Benefits for Employers

Implementing Harver CHAT™ offers numerous benefits for employers. Firstly, it saves time by completing application screenings in just minutes, resulting in faster time-to-hire rates. In fact, one user reported a staggering 90% reduction in application time, from 30 minutes to only 3. By handling candidate queries, the AI tool allows recruiters to focus on more strategic activities, leading to significant cost savings.

By integrating CHAT™ alongside other Harver solutions, organizations can create a seamless hiring flow that aligns with their employer brand and engages candidates throughout the entire process.

Testimonials from Harver CHAT™ Users

Harver CHAT™ is really a time saver For employers. Employers have reported substantial time savings and improved candidate engagement. One person found that the time it takes to apply was cut from 30 minutes to just 3 minutes, and another mentioned they saved more than 60 hours of recruiting time for each job opening. The conversational nature of CHAT™, combined with its ability to respond to live candidate questions, results in high candidate satisfaction and greater recruiter focus on higher leverage activities.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Harver CHAT™ and what does it aim to do?

Harver CHAT™ is a Conversational Hiring AI Tool launched by Boston-based hiring solution Harver, designed to streamline the candidate experience and enhance the employer brand in the competitive job market.

Can Harver CHAT™ be easily integrated into an organization’s website?

Yes, Harver CHAT™ can be seamlessly embedded as a widget on the company’s website, providing a standalone experience with employer branding.

What benefits does Harver CHAT™ bring to employers?

Implementing Harver CHAT™ results in time savings, faster application screenings, reduced time-to-hire rates, and allows recruiters to focus on more strategic activities, leading to significant cost savings.

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