6 Time-Saving AI Features in Gmail: Enhancing Email Efficiency


In their recent I/O conference, Google announced exciting advancements in their AI capabilities for Gmail, aiming to make the email experience more powerful and time-efficient for users. With six innovative features, Gmail users can now harness the potential of artificial intelligence to save valuable time in their daily email interactions. In this blog post, we will explore each of these features in detail and highlight their benefits.

Help Me Write: Streamline Email Composition with AI

The “Help Me Write” feature is a game-changer that can create entire email drafts for you based on your prompts. Although it’s currently part of the exclusive Workspace Lab program, users can join to gain access. When composing an email, simply click the pencil icon with a star to submit your prompt. In a matter of moments, an AI-generated result tailored to your needs will appear. Furthermore, the option to refine the result offers flexibility to make the email more formal, elaborate, or shorter according to your preferences. For a surprising twist, you can also try the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option.

Example prompt: “Write an email requesting last year’s financial statements.”

Smart Compose: Effortless Email Composition Made Easy

Smart Compose is another remarkable AI feature powered by a hybrid language generation model. It provides real-time suggestions as you type. By simply pressing the TAB button, you can accept the suggested text and effortlessly complete your email. Smart Compose is designed to enhance your email writing experience, ensuring accuracy and saving you precious time.

Smart Reply: Quick and Natural Responses

When time is of the essence, the Smart Reply feature comes to the rescue. Leveraging advanced machine learning, Smart Reply suggests naturally appropriate responses based on the email you received. This feature is especially helpful when you’re busy and need a quick response.
Imagine this scenario: You’re busy studying when a friend emails you to hang out. But you have a lot of schoolwork and other important things to do. Luckily, Gmail’s AI is there to help. It gives you two options for your response: “Yes, I am coming” or “No, I have some work.” With these suggestions, you can quickly reply and make sure you prioritize your tasks

Tabbed Inbox: Organize and Prioritize Your Emails

The Tabbed Inbox feature utilizes AI to categorize incoming messages into different tabs, such as Primary, Promotions, Social Updates, and Forums. By using machine learning algorithms, Gmail determines the most suitable tab for each message, minimizing clutter and allowing you to prioritize your emails effectively. Although adding new tabs isn’t possible, you can customize your inbox by selecting or hiding tabs according to your preferences.

Summary Card: Instant Access to Key Information

To save you valuable time, the Summary Card feature intelligently extracts crucial information from emails and presents it at the top of the message as a card. Leveraging machine learning technology, Gmail identifies the type of message and identifies important details.
Imagine receiving an email about an upcoming event. With Gmail’s Smart Card feature, you no longer need to scroll through the entire email to find essential information. The Smart Card conveniently displays details like event time, date, place, and organizer at the top of the email. This means you can quickly glance at the card and access the event information without any hassle.

Nudging: Reminders about the email that requires a response or follow-up

In our busy lives, it’s easy to overlook or forget to respond to important emails. Nudging is an AI-powered Gmail feature that helps you stay on top of your inbox. Using machine learning techniques, it identifies emails that require a response or follow-up and displays a pop-up reminder at the top of the message. For example, if you received an email two days ago and haven’t replied, Gmail will nudge you with a gentle reminder. Nudging applies to both sent and received emails, ensuring you stay organized and maintain effective communication.


With these six AI-powered features, Gmail is revolutionizing the way we interact with emails. By automating tasks, generating helpful suggestions, and organizing our inboxes, Gmail’s AI capabilities significantly enhance productivity and save valuable time.

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