Socra AI is presented as a tool designed to assist individuals in achieving their goals and realising their full potential.

AI Tools For Success

Socra AI provides a set of AI tools to assist users in planning and achieving success. These tools provide a complete approach to goal setting and progress tracking.

Socra Journey

Socra Journey assists you in creating personalised roadmaps for diverse goals, including fitness, business initiatives, health improvement

Socra GPS

It provides real-time assistance and guidance. It makes personalised recommendations and analyses progress using artificial intelligence to keep users engaged.

Socra Tasks

It is a task management tool that helps users to stay organised and focused. It enables the creation of to-do lists, the setting of deadlines, and the prioritisation of tasks. 

Personal Growth

Socra AI is described as a technology that goes beyond planning and organisation. It is designed to help people take their successes to the next level.

Socra Ai VS ChatGPT

ChatGPT responds to numerous queries and prompts, whereas Socra AI focuses on personal development and goal planning.


Socra AI's tools, including Socra Journey, Socra GPS, and Socra Tasks, can help individuals reach their full potential by setting and achieving their goals