Stretch: The Chatbot Designed for K-12 Educators

Unique Features of

Stretch sets itself apart from other large language models by offering unique features tailored to the needs of educators. Here are some  notable characteristics that make Stretch a valuable tool for K-12  educators:

Stretch only draws from vetted and trusted sources, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information it provides.

Curated Information

Unlike most chatbots, Stretch cites its sources, allowing educators to access and verify the information for themselves.

Source Citations:

Stretch focuses on specific domains of knowledge, allowing educators to  obtain accurate information within its defined scope. If asked about a  topic outside its expertise, Stretch will honestly admit its  limitations.

Areas of Expertise

As ISTE continues to develop and refine Stretch, the organization aims  to make the chatbot accessible to a wider group of educators. The  potential applications of Stretch extend beyond providing accurate  information; it can also assist educators in conducting research and  engaging in professional development activities.

Research and Professional Development